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After Recognition and Language Certificate

What does the process look like

once I get through the language course and recognition and all the documents are ready.


We will submitted all documents to the German Federal Employment Agency (ZAV) to obtain pre-approval. Here is the report from the process.

After all documents were checked and declared complete, the following documents were submitted to the ZAV:


– Declaration of Employment

– Additional sheet A

– Certificate of Recognition Government of Saxony

– Passport

– Power of attorney for Talent Solution GmbH

– Power of attorney from employer for Talent Solution GmbH

– Employment contract

– Education plan: Registration course and confirmation of knowledge test

– Curriculum vitae (CV)

– B2 Certificate


And then:

  1. It is expected that the authorities will need about 10 to 20 days to send the notification of the preliminary examination (Preapoval).
  2. So, the Certificate is expected between 10. to 20. Day later.
  3. As soon as this certificate from the German Federal Employment Agency (ZAV) is received in our office in Fürstenfeldbruzck, we will prepare the shipment of the complete package to the Philippine Agency.
  4. The next day, when all requirements are met, the package will be handed over to the DHL Express Service for delivery to Manila. It is expected that this will take about a week.
  5. Once the agency has confirmed receipt of the package to the DHL Express Service and checked the contents, Talent Solution will be informed.
  6. As soon as Talent Solution receives the confirmation in the form of an acknowledgement of receipt with a list of all documents from the agency, Talent Solution checks all data and information of the candidate regarding an appointment with the representation of the German Embassy, the VFS, in CEBU or MANILA.
  7. If all data are true and correct, the appointment will be requested at the representation of the German Embassy, VFS, in CEBU or MANILA.
  8. The provided appointment is immediately issued online by the representation of the German Embassy, VFS, in CEBU or MANILA and forwarded to the agency in the Philippines and to the candidate.
  9. Once the appointment is confirmed, we again request the candidate regarding VIDEX applications. This includes the following necessary information:
  10. Needet Datas for Application of the VISA VIDEX FORM

Family name of father:
First name(s) of father:
Nationality of father:
Father’s date of birth:
Father’s place of birth:
Father’s place of residence:
Family name of mother:
First name(s) of mother:
Nationality of mother:
Mother’s date of birth:
Mother’s place of birth:
Mother’s place of residence:

THE ABSOLUT Complete actually Addresse with
Streetname, Number of Hause
Postcode and City

and actuall Phonenumber Mobile and E-Mailadresse

  1. Talent Solution will then issue the VIDEX and send it to the Philippine agency.
  2. Talent Solution will then apply for health insurance and travel insurance with a preliminary time frame
  3. Talent Solution will then send the health and travel insurance certificates to the Philippine agency.
  4. From now on, the candidate has to take his own responsibility by:
  • contacting the agency for an appointment, bringing with him/her a passport and two new passport photos (in the form that the embassy wants)
  • At the appointment at the agency he/she will receive all further information regarding
  • the departure seminar
  • The DMW regulations
  • The next steps
  • taking over all the documents
  • signing all the necessary documents (like MOA and AOU)
  • Signing of VIDEX form
  1. The next step is to make the appointment with VFS and then wait for the call from the agency when the VISA will be ready.
  2. Once the VISA is at the agency, the agency will apply for the exit permit at the DMW
  3. At the same time, the candidate must undergo a medical examination and possibly a pregnancy test.
  4. If everything is in order, the OEC can be issued soon.
  5. Once the OEC is issued, the agency in the Philippines will inform Talent Solution in Germany.
  6. Talent Solution will now inform the airline and issue a ticket
  7. As soon the airline conmfirms the traveldate we inform the Agency
  8. The fallowing Day the ticket wil be issued.
  9. depending on the circumstances / most of the time, the candiate now has to go to the Philippine agency again to pick up ticket, passport OEC and so on
  10. After an extended Faewell Party he/she then goes to the airport
  11. At the airport all documents have to be shown again to the immigration before going to the boarding area.
  12. The flight takes between 20 and 30 hours with one or two stopovers.
  13. Once in Germany, the employment contract and the VISA must be shown at the German immigration.
  14. At the exit, one of the Talent Solution employees or the employer’s representative will be waiting to take the candidate to his apartment near the facility.
  15. Welcome to Germany