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That depends on several factors:

1. how much time you need to produce the documents
2. how long your language school classes will take to reach B2
3. how many exam attempts do you need?
4. how long does the authority need for recognition?

Our experience of over 600 cases is between 12 and 24 months. The good average for about 60% of the cases is 16 months.

That is because every step has to be planned exactly and often candidates do not possess all the necessary documents or do not finish a German course. Sometimes only one document is missing or has the wrong content. We have already experienced that a document had the comma in the wrong place and the process was delayed by 6 months. Many authorities have their own working hours.

The best example is the state authority of Munich. Every time a document is late or has to be re-edited or even changed because of a comma, the deadline starts all over again. We have seen cases there that took over two years.

We have a rule that any document or request must not remain unprocessed for more than 48 hours. Most of the time, however, we have to run after documents from candidates for weeks or even months.
So do it better and bring us all your documents from the beginning.

Let’s just have a look at it. You will find the detailed version in the brochures and we will be happy to send it to you. The process is divided into seven steps and all should begin almost parallel

  1. Learning German A1 to B2
  2. Collecting documents and Certified translation
  3. Completion of the employer contract
  4. Start recognition process in Germany
  5. Visa procedure in Manila
  6. POEA and POEA Agency procedure in Manila
  7. Flight and integration

At the very beginning, however, there is a day of orientation, conducted by our partner agency in the Philippines. Online or in a hotel most of the time. There you will learn everything about „living and working“ in Germany and what options, rights and obligations await you in Germany.
You can also find more information on the website here or simply ask us a question. Use the e-mail:
or write to us via Facebook Messenger: talent solution

The first steps are 1. language, 2. compilation of all documents and the 4. application for recognition.

What follows when all this is done, you can read here

Not at all

We and your future employee will take care of many areas for you. There are 120 process steps and you only have to take over a few.
You have to go to the language school! No one can do that for you.
You have to collect all your documents, no one can do that for you either.
You have to make 24 applications – sorry, we do that for you 🙂

By the way, we have a list of all contacts involved, so you know who is responsible for what and can contact the relevant person. You will receive this list automatically with your employment contract as soon as you have been placed.

each involved party takes a part of the whole

  1. The employment contract, accommodation and flight are made and cared for by the employer
  2. Recognition procedures and job search are carried out by Talent Solution
  3. VISA procedure and document handling and translation is done by VISA Department Office of Talent Solution
  4. Learn German? Collect documents? That’s your job ;-)!
  5. Who takes care of the organization of the online school classes for the language? Its Clai, just call her with Messenger
  6. Ruben is responsible for your recognition process. Contact him

You can also find more information on the website here or simply ask us a question. Use the email:
or write to us via Facebook Messenger: talent solution

The Employer Pays Principle is a major part of the integration management requirements and stipulates under international law that employers’ letters of intent or employment contracts may not contain any regulations on commitment and repayment clauses for international nurses which violate the legal framework stipulated by labor law. This also applies to possible collateral agreements and/or arrangements that go against the “Employer Pays Principle”.

For more information write to
or write to us via Facebook Messenger: talent solution

  1.  This three year contract is between the Candidate and the employer.
  2. Talent Solution is not involved in the contract.
  3. When you come to Germany you are not yet a certified Nurse.
  4. You have trainings, seminars and after that you have to apply for the certificate as a registered Nurses in Germany. This all will take about 6 to 12 months until you receive the certificate as a registered Nurses in Germany.
  5. Until then, the employer invests a lot of money so that you finally become a specialist. There are enough nurse helpers in Germany, the employer needs you as a registered Nurse.
  6. Only when you are a registered Nurse, your job counts for the employer and for the authorities that monitor the employer.
  7. In order for this to be worthwhile for the employer, and the compensation of its costs, he must see you working for him as a fully-registered Nurse for at least two years.
  8. That’s why the contract is for three years, its including your training and seminars.

B1 is only half the truth. Its a Case to Case Case

There are two scenarios

  1. first If the HRM has good documents, i.e. at least 3 to 5 years of verifiable experience in a hotel with a restoration office. Then there can be a full recognition and then B1 is enough. This requires very good certificates/evidence (full Certificates with description of Task ands Skills) of what she has done in the experience for work.
  2. Second scenario If the HRM does not have good documents, and has only a little experience in a hotel with a restaurant. Then there can be no full recognition and then the candidate must go to the hotel school in Germany again, then B1 is not enough, then he needs B2.

Just go to the Form, fill it, send and wait for our response. Watch your E-Mail Account

Klick here to A1 Application Form


Formal procedures require that original documents must be provided through study, education, training, seminars and schools. However, this is different for each profession.
Here are the rules for when documents must be submitted to the POEA agency named by TS.


For RN Nurses
As soon as the A2 class is reached. If the documents are not complete submitted in A2, no B1 class can be attended and no employer can be recommended.

As soon as B1 class is reached and an employer is determined. Do not hand in anything, but only collect until an employer has been found.

For IT, Engineers and other Skilled Workers
As soon as A2 class has been reached and an employer has been found. Do not deliver anything but only collect until an employer has been found.

For apprentices, dual training (AZUBI) of any kind
As soon as A2 class has been reached and an employer has been found. Do not deliver anything but only collect until an employer has been found.

For students of any kind
As soon as C1 class has been reached and a place at university has been secured.

A B2 certificate cannot expire.

In cases since the Certificat is a bit older and you still live outside Germany, however, it may be asked by the authorities (For example, German Embassy at VISA application) how much you have lost of the German language in the everyday life of Tagallo and English. Then there may be a request to do a refresher with proof, but the certificate itself is valid for life.

If you are not sure, you can always ask the German embassy. In the meantime, the officials assume that if the certificate is older than 12 months and no refresher courses have taken place, that you have lost some of the language. If the date is a little older, a refresher course would be the right solution and taking a B1 Examen. The Embassy will then just see a B1 Examen.
Talent Solution offers refresher courses for these cases

The Immigration Law for Skilled Workers in Germany gives the answer here.

The minimum requirement is that you have a two-year education in a profession and the degree is certified by a state-recognized institution.

This includes universities, colleges, and educational institutions that are accredited by the state. For example also Tesda or other technical educational institution.

In the first place, we know that it is a difficult language. Of course, this is mainly a time problem. Science says that anyone can learn a new language, but for some people it just takes a long time.
That’s why when the going gets really tough, you can take longer with us. We may have to take you away from the existing employer and wait until you are ready with the language and then place you with a new employer.
But never say that you give up because of the language. Our record is a 44 year old nurse who repeated the B2 class 11 times and the exam 7 times. All this took 5 years and we waited. Today he is a happy nurse in Germany.

He made it and so can you. Welcome to this Challenge