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Our principles and approach to our services


We are working with human beings. The following statements are part of our work ethic and adhering to them is our number one priority.

  1. We are committed to fair and ethical recruitment and placement practices. We pledge to align our corporate practices with the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel.
  2. Commitment to the Employer Pays Principle (see below for explanations).
  3. This also includes the adherence to the International Human Rights Conventions of the UN, EU and the ILO Core Labor Standards, in particular the framework of the Fair Recruitment Initiative of the ILO
    Source: https://www.ilo.org/global/topics/fair-recruitment/lang–en/index.htm
  4. The IRIS standards of International Organization for Migration. These are standards promoting ethical recruitment of migrant workers by establishing standards. IRIS is a global multi-stakeholder initiative that supports governments, civil society, the private sector, and recruitment agencies to establish ethical recruitment as the standard in cross-border labor migration.


Conditions for Talent Solution facilities and customers.


  • The Employer Pays Principle is a major part of the integration management requirements and stipulates under international law that employers‘ letters of intent or employment contracts may not contain any regulations on commitment and repayment clauses for international nurses which violate the legal framework stipulated by labor law. This also applies to possible collateral agreements and/or arrangements that go against the „Employer Pays Principle“.


  • Our most important requirement is the appointment of an integration officer by the client if they do not already have one. We will also train the integration officer and provide them with instructions and checklists for each step. We will also advise you when this becomes a full-time job depending on size and scope of your facility. Integration must not fail because of a lack of mentoring services (believe us, we have seen this happening a lot).


  • If you as a facility would also like to participate in the quality seal initiative and apply for and receive the subsidies offered by the Federal Ministry, you are required to submit a written company integration management concept together with the job offer.

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Munich, 3rd of November 2021