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International Institute for transfer of skilled worker and integration

Reputable work with a recruitment agency? Promises to be kept? Hardly possible?

We differentiate here very much and not only rely on our values, we live according to these values, even and especially if this is to our disadvantage. Other agencies are overtaking us with waving flags, but working in a third country is first of all a cultural challenge. It takes years to build a healthy infrastructure with reliable employees. Of the fast agencies we see after a while here in the Philippines not much.

We do not support and practice any corruption in third countries, even if the process takes longer. Another difference is that we do not work alone but are looking for numerous collaborations and cooperation. As a pioneer in the industry we are copied, companies steal our records or spy on our schools and branches. But we are not afraid of competition, we care about doing the best for our client. The cooperation with our licensed POEA agencies in the Philippines is subject to a high standard. We support them in doing so as well as we can, of course within the framework of Philippine laws.

  • We always strive for long-term cooperation, if the basis should be a quick profit, we are not the right partner.
  • We invest and act for the long term, therefore our love for detail and people drives us, not profit.
  • Money follows the love for good business. not the other way round.
  • Welcome to us are language schools that submit to our code.
  • Entrepreneurs who are only hungry for profit should better stay away from us.
  • We love entrepreneurs who think long-term and prefer good, solid relationships.
  • There is no marketing department with us. Customers come to us because of the reputation.
  • Candidates come to our Assessment Centers in third countries because of the reputation we have there.
  • Also in the Philippines we do not need a marketing department.

With over 800 candidates and a waiting list of 2000 possible candidates, we have one of the largest networks. 90% of our Candidates already have an employer as soon we can place. Almost half of them with financial support from the employer.

Our main partner is the Bavarian Red Cross and the German Red Cross with whom we develop solutions together. that is why companies trust us Client like care homes, ICU Homes, solid clinics or large Clinic association companies.

Going the second mile is our motto.

As already indicated, a solid result can not be solved alone, so we work together with many specialists, institutes and partners. Our process of mediation is always further optimized and we love to do the work.

Munich, December 1 / 2021