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Not only do we ensure a relaxed recovery for your patients…

rms-slide1…but also for you as HR manager. In the past, facilities had to incur considerable costs and increase efforts for additional training of the recruited registered nurses from abroad. This training covers the German language, culture and current legal situation. With our own professional training facilities, we prepare each registered nurse extensively in their home country.

Prior to hiring and transferring a registered nurse, they will be prepared to meet the requirements of the job. One of the requirements is to achieve the language standard corresponding the B2 language certificate of the Goethe Institute, ÖSD or TELC.

Registered nurses from abroad? Acting is better than politicizing!

The new „FachkräfteEinwanderungsGesetz“ (The Immigration Act for Skilled Workers) is in force as of March 1, 2020. According to the Federal Minister of Health, it should facilitate the immigration process for registered nurses. The amount of work will unfortunately not be reduced by this act, and in some places it will even be more.

In addition, the language, culture, and work practices specific to each facility play a significant role in the requirements to be met for the job position. These factors are not taken into account at all in the new act.

It is precisely these requirements, however, that ultimately cost a considerable amount of money when hiring registered nurses from abroad. Often, the immense costs only become apparent after the fact. This is largely disregarded in the new act and by most recruiters so far.

„TALENT SOLUTION GMBH“ has therefore come up with a solution and developed an extremely cost-effective and innovative concept.

Talent Solution offers an applicable solution for nursing or clinical facilities.

Registered nurses from abroad should be prepared as far as possible in their home country. Hardly anyone is willing to invest specifically in the Philippines because they are wary about sending money to Asia.

We, however, actually trust and invest in our candidates. We hold about 20 informational events for applicants per year, which are attended by thousands of registered nurses. From these applicants, we select those who meet our high-quality standards in terms of motivation, learning ability and professional qualifications.

We employ adapted Myer Briggs test and conduct motivational assessment to find the right candidate for your specific place or location as an employer. Dropouts, job hoppers and clients dissatisfied with the behavior of Filipino employees illustrate the need for this process which many agencies neglect.  The nurses are not necessarily at fault, they are sometimes just placed in the wrong facility.

The selected applicants are prepared in their home country through targeted measures in language and culture for the German labor market or for the corresponding job in our facilities. As Director of Nursing or HR manager, you will only hire candidates proposed by us who pass this process positively. Above all, the registered nurses are personally supervised by our employees on site.

In cooperation with reputable contract partners, Philippine universities as well as experienced educational institutions, the prospective registered nurses and students can be supervised and mentored on site with profound training under the guidance and management of Talent Solution. Hiring registered nurses from abroad is not as difficult of a process as it may seem, but it does require highly experienced partners.

Call us at +49 (0) 81 41 – 404 7 808, contact us via the contact form or write an email to info@talent-solution.de.