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Working in Germany

You are a registered nurse?

Working in Germany is certainly attractive! Many people come here for the social security assistances one could potentially receive. Others simply desire a safe workplace or the possibility of a higher level of income to support their home country/families.

Nurses in particular profit from these advantages, this is why working in Germany offers many opportunities for your personal and professional development.

However, moving to Germany is a big step and can be demanding. Many people who do take that step sometimes feel challenged by the new way of life and different German customs. They often face more changes than they had anticipated. No, it is not an easy task. So why do so many professionals still decide moving and working in an unknown country?

For care professionals wishing to work in Germany, the relevant authority has produced a brochure to outline the principles.  For German-speaking care professionals, this brochure can be downloaded here.

The English version you get here

They do so, because it is worth it!

Germany has always welcomed professionals from other countries. Certain ‘welcome centres’ and other institutions have been established over the years to ease the arrival and facilitate the entry of such skilled workers from overseas into the German workforce.

In order to achieve your goals and succeed in your desired career, smart planning is essentially right from the start. And before you decide to apply, you need to be aware of some requirements that will have to be met. For this purpose we have developed checklists and questionnaires for you.

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So if you are already searching for a position in Germany or wish to initially apply via Talent Solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

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