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Our Partner

Cooperation with partners is required by the Philippine government. We are proud to introduce our partner to you.


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Upper Ground Floor, North Podium Pioneer Highlands,
Pioneer St. cor. EDSA Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines.



License: POEA-025-LB-081318-PL

In the future we will build a strong relationship to support your future in Germany.



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As nurses or skilled workers, three companies work together with a joint team and pave the way for you to Germany. Faster, more solid and more transparent than any other offer you can get.

We don’t promise 1000 Euro on the hand* (ask how much of it was actually paid out) and make promises on super super conditions. No, we just do it the professional way, with more than 10 years of experience and the proven track record of hundreds of successful transfers. You want to have a promise or a serious way?

Our basic premises:

  • No support of corruption at all
  • No shortcut through fake documents
  • no promises of reimbursement if there is no absolute promise from the employer
  • no takeover from other agencies
  • no fishing
  • Anyone who lies to us or conceals facts that serve the process will immediately be removed from the register.
  • Who gives fake documents will be removed from the register.
  • If you do not cooperate and do not meet the school times or deadlines for documents, you will receive a maximum of three warnings, after which you will be removed from the register.
  • The POEA also has some rules for you to follow, whether you are in Germany or on your way. You are welcome to check this out at our office.
  • Those who stick to the cooperation will get every support and make it to Germany. Everyone who has kept everything so far is now in Germany.

It’s that simple.