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Diana Lyn, DRK Stuttgart

When I first came to Germany, I never thought that I would make it. Because of the language, culture, people and so much more. It was indeed a roller coaster ride. I’ve had my highs and lows and I even came into a point where I want to go back to the Philippines and start anew. But then just when I was at my worst, you came in to help us. Without hesitations – without any doubts. I will never forget the first time we came into your office and how it feels like home. I know that from that office, you have saved a lot of Filipino Nurses who are struggling here in Germany. And that gives me hope. I really felt the sincerity of your words back then and I know that you only have the best of intentions to all the people asking for your help.

Before, it was only a dream of becoming a Registered Nurse here in Germany. But  that dream has finally come true. We are able to make a living now by doing something we really love. I really worked hard to make it happen, but I will never forget that it is you – who helped us to where we are now. I will forever be grateful to you Sir Matthias.

Kwince B., Bavarian Red Cross:

Talent Solution helped me a lot to achieve my dreams. Although being a nurse here in Germany is a challenge because of the language and many other challenges, Talent Solution has made it easy for me. They have guided me, not only as my mentor, but also as part of their family. And I am very grateful and blessed that I could work with the Talent Solution team. I wish much more success for Talent Solution.


Sol Villaruz, PhRN Berlin:

„The flight was very relaxing by the way, and thank you so much for paying extra for the food. Now I have a lot of energy to carry my luggages..🙂
“ God sends me people like you. Continue to be a blessing to others and may God bless more the Talent Solution. 🙂  They are here for all support“.


Linde REMEO – Healthcare