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Pledges and values


The first priority for Talent Solution is a sustainable cooperation with people. Registered nurses from abroad are people, not resources. Ideally, they provide us their expertise as a resource. We know that we work in a sensitive sector, which is often attributed a bad reputation. In addition to the naturally important commercial practices as a business organization, we invoke basic ethical values and standards, especially when working and communicating with people. Our values are important to us and we consciously avoid doing business that contradicts these standards.

Our corporate culture cornerstones are

  • Transparency
  • People always take precedence over the placement processes; we deeply care for our candidates and clients.
  • We also value bureaucrats, but not the bureaucracy.
  • Everyone is a part of a team and uphold their responsibility towards the team
  • Ethical values are always to be prioritized over profit.
  • Every employee also has responsibility for the business entity as a whole
  • Work must be fun; the fun factor must be increased in an unpleasant work environment.

Further details can be found in our ethical “Code of Conduct”.

Hiring registered nurses from abroad is a complex process

Talent Solution’s business ethics are built on the following principles:

  1. The ethical moral customs based on a Christian „Leitkultur“ (guiding culture). We commit ourselves to the practical consequences arising from Christian morality and the doctrine of man as a creature of God and his responsibility to God. This is based on the confessions of the German Evangelical Alliance [1] and as established in the Christian entrepreneurial responsibility of the German Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs [2]. The underlying philosophy is, as Mr. Deichmann from the company of the same name put it: „It is not man who serves the economy, it is the economy that serves man. [3]
  2. We feel fundamentally obligated towards any ethical standards as it has already been laid down in the first article of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. Therefore, we also refer to the Federal Association of Ethics and its Ethics Charter [4].
  3. The „Charta der Vielfalt“ (Charter of Diversity), as jointly initiated by BP Europe SE, Daimler, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom based on the French model „Charte de la diversité“[5], has now been signed by more than 1,350 additional companies and its content[6]can be accessed on the corresponding website of the German version[7].
    3. Human diversity is not a hurdle or an obstacle but an opportunity for mutual enrichment, which is why we also stand by the principles of the „German Society for Diversity“[8] which conducts a great deal of educational work and groundwork in precisely this field.

We believe that the monetary impact of maintaining high ethical standards is of relevance (Ulrich Hemel 2004).

While discussing the problem of international placement, the „TSP“ has come to the realization that intensive contact and exchange with prospective job holders leads to a relevant cost reduction and prevents bad placements for the facilities. The human resources required to provide direct support to individual students, however, have been nearly unattainable in the past. New tools, web-based networks and cooperation with the corresponding holistically oriented facilities, as well as educational opportunities via webinars and internet-based e-learning with freelance lecturers, have made this effort possible.

In this way, long-term contact with professionals can be maintained beyond the training period and also ensure comprehensive support in the event of further placement.

To achieve these goals, Talent Solution will seek further cooperation and partnerships as well as memberships in relevant associations.

If you have any questions, please call us at +49 (0) 81 41 – 31 54 509, use the contact form or write an email to