Es sind viele Helfer nötig

ganze Klasse april 2016

Patience pays off, say the wise men of the world. Now we have been allowed to reap a piece of this wisdom. But in order to persevere patiently, especially with many and high hurdles, we need friends and partners.

A few days ago, in this July of the year 2016, the official dispatch arrived with the entry in the official commercial register – Talent Solution GmbH was born through all contractions.

Many, even those close to me, assured me that they had given up long ago. After three years of preparation and many tough hurdles, however, we never even remotely considered the option of „giving up“. But this is only thanks to the encouragement of many friends. We thank God for the opportunity to lead this undertaking to success, but also the numerous helpers who stood by our side as friends, partners, supporters, thought organizers or as tipsters.

Danke an

Jobst B. – Charlotte B. – Britta K. – Martin S. – Martin M. – Birgit G. – Petra L. – Christian K. – Saleh A. – Alex S. – Gerald A. – Hans-Joachim R. – Kwince B. – Sam S. – Edwina B. – Janosz U. – Christoph B. – Alex D. – Rainer S. – Stephan A. – Fiona – Gisela B. – Heike P. – Andrea H. – Jürgen N. – Klaus S. – Hartmut S. – Günter K. – Kristian K. – Ferdinand K. – Dietmar L. – Merlinda B. – Michael S. – Heinz P. – Frank P. – Romi S. – Stefan T. – Sheelah P. – Karin U. – Wolf F. – Kay H. und ca 20 weitere.

Und folgende Einrichtungen

BRK, ASB, LINDE AG, CASA REHA, CURA SANA, BBZ Augsburg, the 16 state government presidencies, Philippine Consulate Munich, Philippine Embassy Berlin, German Embassy Manila and the now former head of the visa department Mr. Ralf R. and his current successor Mr. D, the German Ambassador in Manila, Telc, Goethe Institute Manila and Bangkok, Fraunhofer Institute, ZAV Bonn and Munich, GIZ and Triple Win, Chamber of Commerce in Manila, Mabuhay Personal, GotCare and numerous other German and international institutions.

We will remain a reliable partner and become the largest provider of nursing care professionals from third countries.

While the placement and integration of nursing staff is slowly consolidating, we are also focusing on other objectives. Germany needs apprentices too. So far, the best conditions are to be found in the Philippines and Vietnam.

We look forward to working with all interested parties, partners, customers and institutions.

Lack of nursing staff was yesterday – now there is Talent Solution GmbH.


Ihr Matthias Kletzsch

Geschäftsführer und Inhaber

Talent Solution GmbH