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Dear Applicant

Thank you very much for your interest.

myself-sep-15-300-blankWe will be happy to welcome you in Germany. We know that it is not an easy but a very worthwhile road. And we will be always at the side of our candidates in overcoming all obstacles in the way.

We talk to you openly about all your options and expect the same from you, open communication.

The government legislation is still new at the moment and the governments are still changing many of the parameters and requirements.

It is therefore very important to know and follow the absolutely exact forms, applications and application steps. That’s why we help you gladly to follow and successfully go every step exactly the way as required.


There are seven steps


  1. An interview with our school manager is a prerequisite and join a Orientation Event
  2. All necessary documents must be collected, be fully present and be accurate (Checklist)
  3. The German language standard must be at least B2 (Talent Solution Languagae Academy, TSLA)
  4. Our Partner the POEA licenced Agency, must be visited
  5. The German Embassy in Manila, where the VISA application (the arm of the embassy is VFS) must be submitted needs time full and carefully drawn up documents. The VFS will conduct an interview with you
  6. All costs such as Language Courses and Examen, flights, the first accommodation in Germany and certified translations are paid by the prospective employer (if You have one).
  7. Are you really ready for the challenge? What will do you do when difficulties arise, will you run away or will you speak with us?


In the first step you will get in touch with our Staff for an Orientation. If you send me a request by e-mail to We will  inform our school manager that you would like to get in touch.

At every step, we support you with a friendly community and responsive administration at German service standard. We would like to take care of every detail and we see us more as a family than a school. Feel welcome to become part and experience our school community spirit.

Also for the preparation, the collection of the documents our Partner POEA Agency in Manila based office will be at your service. There, the staff will help you at every step.

We will do everything to help you, and your family, as that is one of the major benefits of working in Germany – you can always bring your whole family after some time, start a new life in Germany. We would be very pleased to welcome you in our community.

We hope this is the first step of your new future and hope to help you achieving your dream! We wish you all the best from Munich in Germany.

For further questions we are always happy to help.

More Information are found also here: More Information and Requirements

Best regards

Matthias Kletzsch

Managing Director
Talent Solution GmbH – Munich

PS: The Content above can also send to you by E-Mail, just request