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For the competence of the mastery of a language, there is a so-called reference standard. This ranges from a few skills (A1) to excellent fluent levels (C2). Standard B2 must be reached for the application in Germany. An examination must be made.

So if you are already searching for a position in Germany or wish to initially apply through Talent Solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

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We offer German Language courses to every applicant who wishes to learn German as part of their requirement before going to Germany. Those already proficient in English WILL NOT have a hard time learning German since both languages are from the same family. Learning the German language is valuable for your career if you wish to work in Germany. From the B level on teachers are German native speakers who will help you to understand words, practice correct pronunciation, translate and interpret sentences and situations. Their English is fluent, so you won’t have to worry because they can explain everything well.


• All learning materials (course books, workbooks, copies, notebooks)
• Internal language level assessment exam at the end of each course,
• Participation in general school supportive learning activities.
• Access to TSLA’s Digital Library.

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