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Pflegekräfte aus dem Ausland

Pfleger und Krankenschwestern aus aller Welt

Especially from the very near East and the very far East, health care and nursing staff (of course m/f) or nursing professionals work in clinical institutions, retirement homes or even in private households and care for elderly and disabled people. Many people from the Middle East come to Germany, work partly legally, partly without a work permit, but often at poor wages. For skilled workers from the very far east like China or the Philippines, illegal employment is already more difficult, but it exists. The lack of skilled workers has brought it about.

Triple Win, was one of the first programs to change this!

„Triple Win“ is the name of the project of the Federal Employment Agency and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Together they wanted to do something about the shortage of skilled workers in nursing and geriatric care in Germany. The idea of the triple win sounds good, all those involved should benefit. The applicants, the employers and the politicians.

If there is an oversupply of labour in the home country, certainly a good idea for the respective country. The project guaranteed a well-paid job for the care workers placed.

But it seems that the third component of „Triple Win“, politics, is hindering rather than advancing the project. But if one thread of a triple win breaks, the other two are also at risk. The basis of the project was not only the lack of skilled workers, but also some agreements with the countries concerned. These agreements provided for a simplified procedure for VISA applications, recognition of the profession and supportive integration. A lot has happened in the meantime. Almost half a million euros have been invested in Welcome Centres. Posts have been distributed and many tons of new laws have been written. So many that the actual idea almost threatens to suffocate.

Every federal state has now managed to strictly regulate the facilitations negotiated by the federal government with the states. The corset of laws becomes tighter every month and soon requires a lawyer in each state.

Those who do not show patience here will certainly not feel any benefit. But if you have the necessary patience, you will be able to handle the necessary processes in the end. A reason for me as Managing Director of Talent Solution to stay on the ball. We’ve already overcome all the hurdles and are certain that in the end it will be a Quadro Win. The winner is the patient, who is ultimately cared for, nursed and looked after by the nurse. Here it has been shown that especially the Filipino nurses, carers and caregivers do an excellent job. I refer you to the article about the quality of Filipino nurses in the Talent Solution blog.

So if a nursing director or human resources manager of a medical facility wants to enjoy these benefits and also has the patience to engage in a six to twelve month process, he will gain significant benefits with such a professional. Once again, in this fast-moving economy, one thing will pay off. Patience and long-term planning.

You are welcome to share this patience with us. We are so sure we can do it.

With best wishes from Munich

Matthias Kletzsch