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Good Day

When I first came to Germany, I never thought that I would make it. Because of the language, culture, people and so much more. It was indeed a roller coaster ride. I’ve had my highs and lows and I even came into a point where I want to go back to the Philippines and start anew. But then just when I was at my worst, you came in to help us. Without hesitations – without any doubts. I will never forget the first time we came into your office and how it feels like home. I know that from that office, you have saved a lot of Filipino Nurses who are struggling here in Germany. And that gives me hope. I really felt the sincerity of your words back then and I know that you only have the best of intentions to all the people asking for your help. Before, it was only a dream of becoming a Registered Nurse here in Germany. But  that dream has finally come true. We are able to make a living now by doing something we really love. I really worked hard to make it happen, but I will never forget that it is you – who helped us to where we are now. I will forever be grateful to you Sir Matthias.

Diana Lyn V. from Stuttgart DRK