• Arriving in Germany

    New Filipino Nurses and Skilled Workers employed with German employers. The patients and the nursing management are excited. And the Filipino Nurses enjoy the culture too. (Nymphenburg Palace in Munich in the background)

    How to join us
  • Learn to Speak German

    Communication is the most important quality in a nurse-client relationship. That is why an in-depth and culturally adapted advanced training up to language level B2 is a top priority before moving abroad.

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  • Your Future

    Germany is currently lacking 50,000 Nurses, 25,000 Vocational Trainees and more than 100,000 Skilled Workers, you are one of the professionals needed.

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  • Talent Solution Cooperations

    Nobody has all the means. The basis for fruitful collaboration is cooperation with strong partners in Germany and abroad. We are happy to work with companies like AmZion and ABBA in the Philippines. And we are very grateful towards the POEA for allowing us to do this important job.

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  • Get in Touch With Us

    Has working in Germany been your dream for a long time? Have you already started or would like to start learning German? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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  • Apply Now...

    for a job in a health facility. Whether as a highly motivated and certified nurse, geriatric nurse, scrub nurse, or a nurse with very special qualifications, for example specialized nurses for dialysis procedures or administration. We are going to prepare you for everything and we already look forward to seeing you in Germany.

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International Institute for Transfer of Skilled Workers and Nurses

We are looking for Filipino nurses for German charities, nursing homes and clinics and Skilled Workers for various industries.
Talent Solution ensures a qualified development of your B2 language level in your home country.
Talent Solution handles the entire process with all the authorities and the integration for you.
Do you want references? Feel free to ask us, we will gladly give them to you!


Looking for Registered Nurses - Read in Tagalog

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Our solution for better language skills in a short period of time

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What do you need for your application? Check your documents

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Your Next Step

What steps you have to take to become a nurse in Germany

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We Invest in People, Not Buildings

The immense responsibility for the integration of foreign nurses is a challenge not only for institutions, federal and state governments. A solid concept of competent pre-qualification has long been necessary on the part of the agencies too. For more than two years, we have worked together with our partners on the development and implementation of an innovative holistic concept.

The Most Frequent Questions and Their Answers

Why in the Philippines?
We localized the Philippines based on studies and research on qualification and popularity with outstanding nurses. No other nationality has such a reputation in the countries we studied. In the Philippines, nurses have been trained for international employment for 30 years.
How does Talent Solution guarantee quality?
We ourselves founded our own training facilities together with reputable local institutions. Experienced examinated German specialist teachers with appropriate background conduct courses that teach culture and language and guarantee the language standard of B2.
What qualifications do the nurses have to have?
In general, the nurses must have completed an internationally recognized bachelor's or master's degree, as well as a state examination in nursing (PRC) and in addition have acquired up to two years of practical experience as emergency personnel, scrub nurses, in fields such as internal medicine, gereatric, surgery, pediatric, dialysis or have acquired other expertise in clinics and private care.